Enjoy the legendary tsukemen at Soba Tomita!

Tomita attracts food travelers from all over Japan.

Here, you can enjoy not just tsukemen, but the legendary taste that won "Japan's Best Tsukemen" at the Grand Tsukemen Expo 2013. In this article, we delve deeper into its charms and reveal why so many people wait so long to try its tsukemen.

The Secret of Tomita Tsukemen

Tomita's tsukemen are known for their rich flavor and unique texture. The "ultra-thick pork bone and seafood soup" created by the president, Osamu Tomita, is characterized by its concentrated flavor, which is created by simmering the soup for more than 20 hours. This soup is rich, yet light and elegant, and the aroma of yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) adds a subtle accent.

Attention to Ingredients

Tomita is particular about not only its soup, but also the ingredients it uses. In particular, the kaeshi is made from rare, freshly brewed soy sauce produced in wooden vats in Ibaraki, Hyogo, and Wakayama prefectures. This adds a depth and complexity to the soup that cannot be found anywhere else.


Noodle Characteristics:

Another mainstay of tsukemen is, of course, the noodles. Here, we use extra-thick noodles made exclusively from domestic wheat. These noodles are blended with a core flour and a special flour class, resulting in a beautiful, white color. They are characterized by the wheat's natural sweetness and stickiness, and have a presence that is as strong as that of the rich soup.

To top it off:

the Tsukemen at Chinese Soba Tomita is more than just a meal. It is a work of art in which time and passion have been invested. I hope this article has given you a glimpse of its charm. We hope you will experience the best tsukemen in Japan, which you will want to eat even if you have to wait in line.


By introducing the unique characteristics and appeal of Tomita's tsukemen with specific information in this way, we hope to stimulate the curiosity of our readers and encourage them to actually