Hakata's Treasure, Shu-chan Ramen: In Search of the Best of Thick Tonkotsu

In Hakata's unique food culture, "Shu-chan Ramen" has inherited the traditional taste of "Daruma Ramen" that has been around since 1963, but has taken it to new heights with its own unique arrangement. Here, the rich, thick, pork bone broth has captured the hearts of those who love the richness of the soup. This article takes a closer look at the secret process and the special taste that is exclusive to Shu-chan Ramen.

History and Tradition

A New Addition to Hakata's Ramen Culture
Hidetan Ramen has been a long-time favorite, adding a new page to Hakata's ramen culture. The owner of the restaurant has traveled all over Japan to train his staff in various techniques, resulting in his own unique take on Hakata ramen. The history of this ramen goes beyond the story of a mere ramen restaurant and is a major episode that symbolizes the food culture of Hakata.

Unique Production Method


Shu-chan Ramen's homemade noodles are made from a unique blend of carefully selected wheat called "Mugi no Ibuki," and are available in a wide range of variations from very thin to very thick noodles. These noodles intertwine perfectly with the rich pork bone broth. In addition, the soup, made using the "kobori method," in which the noodles are cooked for 12 hours straight in an iron kettle, has set a new standard for Hakata ramen with its richness and delicacy.

Special Ingredients

Another characteristic of Shu-chan Ramen is the use of an original soy sauce that the owner himself asked the brewer to produce. This soy sauce enhances the rich yet delicate flavor of the pork bone broth, giving it a unique taste. In addition, the tender chashu pork in our homemade sauce adds to the perfection of the ramen with its rich flavor.


Hakata Ramen Shu-chan is more than just a meal. It is a representative bowl of Hakata's culinary culture, the fruit of the owner's passion, respect for tradition, and innovative challenges. The rich but never boring taste will leave an unforgettable memory once you have tasted it. We hope you will experience the deep flavor of Shu-chan Ramen when you visit Hakata.