About us

We operate under the name Discover ZUSHI and boast 100,000 followers on Instagram, where we share the allure of food from eateries primarily in Japan's Shonan area.

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Driven by a strong desire to convey the unique deliciousness of our local area, we have delved into the hidden food culture of Shonan, sharing its charm daily.

Together with companions who share a passion for gourmet exploration, we provide unique content brimming with local love.

We, Discover ZUSHI, are embarking on a new challenge: starting a cross-border e-commerce business. In this venture, we will sell carefully selected ramen from all over Japan to an international audience.

Why ramen?
Because ramen represents one aspect of Japanese food culture that the world admires, and we ourselves are captivated by its depth and regional diversity. Even within Japan, the flavors of ramen are boundless, with each area's ramen reflecting its culture, history, and the lives of its people – it's what we consider "edible art."

Our mission is not just to provide delicious ramen. We aim to convey the stories behind each bowl of ramen, the Japanese seasons and regional characteristics felt through each serving, and the skills and passion of the artisans. By cherishing and sharing the story behind each bowl of ramen, we hope to bridge Japan and the rest of the world.

Through our cross-border e-commerce platform, we want people overseas to enjoy authentic Japanese ramen at home. The ramen kits we have carefully selected are developed in cooperation with local ramen chefs, allowing anyone to easily recreate the authentic taste.

Discover ZUSHI will continue to broadcast Japanese food culture to the world. Through our new business, we strive to let more people know and enjoy the charm of Japanese food. Please look forward to our journey.