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This is a reissued edition that sought to recreate the original form as designed by Sori Yanagi. It was not merely a revival of the shape but a process of reclaiming the universal appeal and the essence that this utensil originally embodied for everyday living and well-being. Under the supervision of the Yanagi Industrial Design Institute, it was constructed in a minimalistic form, using white only, to harmonize with the modern lifestyle.

The "Sometsuke Mon Uzumaki" (Blue and White Swirl Pattern) was Sori Yanagi's first foray into pattern design, conceived with the food environment of the time in mind, suggesting that this utensil could indeed bear a pattern. This particular design, drawing multiple concentric circles, is inspired by the "Naruto whirlpools."

The teacup's straightforward and upright form conveys a sense of purity. It's a design stripped of all unnecessary elements, embodying simplicity at its best.

Expanding on this, the reissue of Sori Yanagi's designs not only pays homage to his legacy but also brings timeless aesthetics into contemporary homes. Yanagi's philosophy of beauty in simplicity and functionality is evident in these pieces, which blend seamlessly with any decor while encouraging a mindful approach to living. The utensil's design reflects a deep understanding of human ergonomics, making it not only beautiful to look at but also comfortable to use.

The "Sometsuke Mon Uzumaki" pattern, while simple, adds a dynamic visual element that contrasts beautifully with the minimalist form of the utensil, making each use a moment of aesthetic appreciation. This design, inspired by natural phenomena, invites contemplation of the beauty in nature and the art of living harmoniously with it.

Sori Yanagi's utensils are more than just tools for eating and drinking; they are artifacts that embody the principles of Japanese aesthetics and the designer's innovative spirit. They serve as a reminder of the importance of beauty, simplicity, and functionality in our daily lives, making the mundane act of drinking tea a moment of zen-like reflection. This reissued edition allows a new generation to experience the timeless designs of Sori Yanagi, ensuring that his vision continues to inspire and enhance the way we live.

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