Enjoy the charm of Rairautei! Kyoto-Style Soy Sauce Ramen

"Rairaitei" is a ramen restaurant that combines tradition and innovation.
Located on a street corner in Kyoto, the ramen restaurant "Ra-Ra-Ra-Tei" mixes tradition and innovation. Now you can enjoy this flavorful ramen at home. This article explores the unique appeal of the ramen through a two-pack of half-size ramen noodles, which is the pride of the restaurant.

Characteristics of Ra-rai-tei Ramen

Raisei-Tei's ramen is a unique dish that preserves the tradition of Kyoto-style soy sauce ramen, but adds its own unique twist. The most distinctive feature is the soup. At first glance, the soup is a perfect fusion of contrasting elements: a light broth with a rich back fat content. The secret of this soup is the addition of just the right amount of back fat to the clear chicken broth base, which gives the soup a light but deep flavor. The back oil floating on the surface of the soup is eye-catching, but the inside is clear and transparent, and each sip fills the mouth with the delicious flavor of chicken stock and the richness of the back oil.

About the noodles

The noodles are thin and firm. This noodle feature is the result of our thorough pursuit of the best match with the soup, a choice that was made. The thin noodles allow each component of the soup to easily entwine with the noodles, so that the harmony of the soup and noodles can be felt with each bite. In addition, the unique texture of semi-fresh noodles makes it possible to easily reproduce the authentic taste at home.


The soup is made to be consumed to the last drop, and the noodles are thin and firm. Raisei-Tei's ramen is a Kyoto-style soy sauce ramen characterized by a light yet deep flavor. This two-pack half-serving noodle set is sure to add a new dimension to your daily meals, making it easy to enjoy the authentic taste at home. We hope you will enjoy this special ramen experience through Raisei-Tei's Han-no-Men.