Our Ramen

Introducing Discover ZUSHIs Cross-Border E-Commerce Venture: The Ultimate Ramen Subscription Service

At Discover ZUSHI, we are proud to share the allure of Shonan area eateries with our 100,000 followers on Instagram. Our passion for unearthing and broadcasting the hidden culinary gems of Shonan has led us to our newest venture: a cross-border e-commerce platform dedicated to delivering Japan's finest ramen to the world. Our mission is to bring the unique flavors of authentic Japanese ramen, particularly the internationally beloved tonkotsu ramen, directly to your doorstep.

Why Ramen? Ramen is not just food; it's a cultural experience. It embodies the diversity and depth of Japan's food culture, with each region offering its own unique take. We're excited to share this experience with you by selecting renowned ramen from across Japan, flavors you can't find outside of the country.

Our service stands out not just by sending an assortment of instant noodles but by offering a monthly subscription service where a total of 8 servings of 5 different types of ramen, carefully selected from famous shops across Japan, are delivered every month.

Including legends like "Chuka Soba Tomita" with its award-winning tsukemen and "Yamakoya Ramen," known for its traditional Kyushu tonkotsu ramen. These aren’t just any ramen; they are culinary masterpieces, crafted by artisans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their recipes.

Each month, our subscribers receive a curated selection of ramen kits, which include not only rare and authentic flavors but also stories of the shops, the chefs behind them, and the culinary traditions they uphold. From the rich, bold flavors of "Tomita's tsukemen" to the intricate, soul-warming broth of "Shinshin's ramen," every bowl promises an unparalleled tasting journey.

Unlike other services that offer an assortment of instant noodles, Discover Shonan's subscription brings the real taste of Japan’s famed ramen shops right to your kitchen. These limited-edition ramen kits, unavailable outside of Japan, provide an authentic experience that goes beyond mere taste. They invite you into the world of Japanese ramen, with detailed instructions and insights into each bowl's unique heritage and flavor profile.

Join us on this culinary adventure and dive deep into the heart of Japan's ramen culture. With Discover Shonan's ramen subscription, you’re not just trying different types of ramen; you're experiencing the essence of Japan, bowl by bowl. Await a journey of discovery, taste, and passion – all from the comfort of your home. Welcome to a new way of experiencing ramen, brought to you by Discover ZUSHI.