Kanazawa Ramen no Gokuumi: The Hot Story of Kanazawa Konetsu Chuka-Soba Shinzen

Kanazawa Konetsu Chuka Soba Kanzawa Shinzen quietly began its history in the summer of 2003 in a corner of the Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market, known as the kitchen of the Hokuriku region. This article unravels the passionate story of how Shinzen became more than just a ramen store, but established a unique position in Kanazawa ramen culture.

The owner's passion and training

The owner of Shinsen has eaten ramen all over the country, and at the end of his travels, he trained in Wakayama. He had only one goal: to spread the new culture of "ultra-thick, thick, pork bone ramen" in Kanazawa. However, the road was not an easy one. His determination to create Kanazawa's own unique tonkotsu ramen meant starting over from scratch.

Unique recipe and flavor

The owner's obsession with pork ramen has been a source of inspiration and inspiration for the restaurant's owner.
The owner's obsession began with cooking the pork bones and chicken bones over high heat and meticulously removing the dirt. This process, which required sleepless nights, became the basis for creating an extremely rich broth with no hint of odor. The ultra-thick broth obtained by cooking a large amount of pork bones for a long time became a new milestone in the world of Kanazawa ramen.

Attractive Soy Sauce Sauce Sauce and Thin Noodles

The soul of ramen, the shoyu sauce, has been given a whole new flavor, leaving behind the taste of the restaurant where he was trained to create a completely new taste, which has given Shinsen's ramen even more depth of flavor. The soup intertwines with our signature straight, thin noodles to create a taste that is truly unlike anything you have ever tasted before.


Kanazawa Kontei Chuka Soba Shinzen is more than just a ramen restaurant. It is a miracle, the result of the owner's passion, challenge, and contribution to Kanazawa ramen culture. Through this story, we hope you can sense the deep flavor and passion behind the ramen of Shinzen.