The Passionate Taste of Preserving Tradition: The Story of Chikuho Ramen Yamakoya Ramen in Kyushu

In 1970, a legend was born in the Japanese ramen industry. It was called "Yamakoya Ramen. It specializes in Chikuho tonkotsu ramen, a type of ramen nurtured by the rich land and history of Kyushu. This article introduces the passion that goes into a bowl of ramen and the indomitable journey of its founder, Masatoshi Ogata.

The Founder's Passion

Masatoshi Ogata's journey from a simple ramen lover to the founder of the legendary Yamakoya was not a smooth one. He had a negative view of the restaurant business, but during his travels to ramen restaurants across the country, he began to dream of creating his own unique ramen. This dream was born from a combination of frustration at not finding satisfying ramen and his familiarity with the restaurant business from a young age.

The Birth of Yamakoya Ramen

The Masatoshi Ogata's passion and challenge bore fruit in 1970 with the opening of his handmade restaurant, Yamakoya. However, this was where his journey really began. In the process of pursuing his ideal ramen, he accepted advice from regular customers and even went so far as to examine the trash cans of competing restaurants. This period was one of continuous trial and error, but his indomitable spirit and deep love for ramen eventually succeeded in creating the unique flavor of Yamakoya Ramen.

The secret process and traditional taste

Yamakoya Ramen is proud of its pork bone broth, which is made using a secret recipe with no added ingredients. The soup has a deep flavor and richness that attracts many fans. Masatoshi Ogata and the staff at Yamakoya Ramen have preserved the traditional taste of this soup, while gradually improving it over time, and it continues to be loved by many people to this day.


Yamakoya Ramen has won first place in ramen competitions and is loved by many. This is due to the passion of the founder, Masatoshi Ogata, and his deep love for ramen. A bowl of Yamakoya Ramen is not only delicious, but also has a story behind it. By learning this story, the taste of Yamakoya Ramen will deepen even more.